Temp Spoofer + Cleaner

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How to Intall

We've made our cheat very simple to use, it only takes 4 steps!
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    Download the launcher using the download button at the top of the page.

  • 2.

    Run & Inject

    Run the launcher that you download and type yes in box to inject the spoofer.

  • 3.

    Open Game

    Open your game and you will not get shadow banned or delayed banned. Enjoy!

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    Have Fun

    We hope you have fun cheating and remember to try out some of our other tools!


Spoofs BIOS & Motherboard

Spoofs all storage drives

Spoofs all CPUs (AMD/Intel)

Spoofs all monitor serials

Spoofs GPU serials

User reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every cheat that we develop. Read some of our reviews from happy users.

The #1 FREE & Working HWID Spoofer

Getting banned in a video game is annoying but what’s even more annoying is the constant bans you will run into after from the hardware ban you may receive. HWID bans will make it so you can never play the game again until you purchase a completely new pc. This is just simply not an option for most people, and sometimes this can even happen to completely innocent people! This is why we decided to put our time into developing a working and undetected FREE hwid spoofer that works for every single game no matter what anti cheat is protecting it.

Here is a list of games that our FREE hardware Spoofer works on:


  • PUBG
  • DAYZ

Find a list of all games using BE here: https://www.battleye.com – ALL are supported and working.

Easy Anti-cheat

  • Apex Legends
  • Rust
  • Dead by Daylight
  • SCUM

Find a list of all games using EAC here: https://www.easy.ac/en-us/partners – ALL are supported and working.

Call of Duty (Ricochet)

  • MW2(2022) / MW3(2023) / Warzone2.0 / Warzone 3.0


  • Valorant


  • PUBG

Other Games

  • FiveM
  • RedM

Now for certain anti cheats like EasyAntiCheat(EAC), it may flag your IP address. If you IP is flagged you MUST use a VPN to bypass that or reset your IP via you ISP provider. If you need a VPN you can use nord, proton, or express. There are plenty of VPN option out there!

Our Free HWID spoofer also comes with a free tracer cleaner. This will get rid of all files left behind by the game & anticheat that is meant to catch you ban evading. Our tracer cleaner works for every single game listed above and will make sure to never touch any personal files. Tracer cleaners are really useful tools and a necessary one for pretty much every game now if you really want to bypass a hardware ban. Tracer files are a simple option that anticheat and game developers decide to catch people with because again, it is a very easy solution and will cut the cheating population down a bit, but not for those that choose to use our free HWID spoofer and tracer file cleaner.

Another plus to using hardware spoofers is you can cheat without having to worry about ever dealing with hardware bans. This makes cheating have basically no consequences and is a route most of our users use when using our free cheats. Yes we do offer free cheats as well, our free spoofers and cheats are made to work together. We offer free cheats for games like rust, apex legends, valorant, and more!

We are always honest about detection, with that being said our hwid spoofer has NEVER been detected by any anticheat in the list above. You can use our free hardware spoofer without every having to worry about it being the sole cause of a ban. On top of that it will ALWAYS spoof your serials and will tell you if it runs into an error, meaning you won’t think it spoofed everything and load into the game and get banned because it ran into an error. It will always tell you what happened and how to fix it. Our free hardware spoofer is made so even the least tech savvy person can figure it out. We hope you have a good experience with us, enjoy!