Predator - Apex Legends

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How to Intall

We've made our cheat very simple to use, it only takes 4 steps!
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    Download the launcher using the download button at the top of the page.

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    Run & Inject

    Run the launcher that you download and select the menu you want and inject.

  • 3.

    Open Game

    Open your game and press INS to see the cheat and press the same button to close.

  • 4.

    Have Fun

    We hope you have fun cheating and remember to try out some of our other tools!


List of the main features in our cheat and how they work!

Our aimbot has many options so you can customize it for your playstyle. Some of those options are silent aim (you can not be aiming at someone for the bullet to hit them), advanced aim prediction so if someone is far or moving you will still hit them, FOV setting so you can choose how close you must aim at someone for the aimbot to lock on, and a strength setting to change how strong the aimbot it.

ESP aka wallhacks are very common in cheats. Our ESP is able to show a lot of things through walls such as players, loot, names, distance, and heath. You can also change how far you want to be able to see people and items. There’s also an option to know when players are visible and able to be shot at which comes in handy when playing “legit”.

No recoil makes it so every weapon you use has zero recoil. This features can also be changed to make it look more legit.

With Bullet speed you can change the time the bullet takes to get to whatever you’re shooting at.

Auto fire will shoot for you anytime you’re hovering over an enemy.

Instant revive lets you be able to revive anyone instantly. Really helpful in intense situations.

Install & Inject Video

In this video we go over how to inject our CS2 cheat, the process is the exact same for all games!

In Game Images

Here are some in game images showing off features such as wallhacks, & more!

User reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every cheat that we develop. Read some of our reviews from happy users.

The Best Free Undetected Apex Legends Hack

If you’re looking for a free Apex Legends hack, you’ve come to the correct spot. Our tool has all the best features, like esp, aimbot, no recoil, and more. Because we offer the safest hacks available online, many individuals utilize our tools and are extremely satisfied.

One of the most popular free-to-play battle royale games is called Apex Legends. Every day, a huge number of players abandon PubG in favor of Apex. I’m happy to announce that we have a fantastic free apex legends hack for you today.

In this article, we’ll show you how to download and set up a free apex legends hack on your computer. SinisterModz is a fantastic community of cheaters that creates cheats for online games like Valorant, GTA, apex legends, and many others.

  • Supports All Versions of Windows.
  • English menu.
  • Stream Proof
  • Steam/Origin
  • ESP
  • Aimbot
  • Spoofer Added
  • No Recoil

What tastes even better than the taste of victory? the sensation of being a hacker and avoiding detection. Imagine being able to experience all of those thrilling moments knowing that you are hacking safely. It only takes five minutes to download and set up your hack with SinisterModz!

Apex Legends Aimbot, ESP, & No Recoil Hacks

If you’re unsure what an esp hack is, they are a very common hack used in games today. In video games, several players utilize aimbots and esp to locate their opponents’ locations and surprise them. In a nutshell, it marks the opponent’s position by coloring their whole body which can be seen through anything that they could be hiding behind.

This feature is also completely undetected by Apex Legends Anti-Cheat so when using this you will not have to worry about a ban!

In video games, the term “aimbot” is used quite frequently. Aimbots is a cheat that can easily kill enemies by locking onto them. You can easily kill the adversary by pressing one key to lock onto them; you don’t even need to have decent aim.

This feature is also fully undetected by itself. The only way you could receive a ban from using aimbot is by killing the whole lobby and it being super obvious. The reason is because players can report you and the moderation team for apex legends can look at your gameplay and manually ban you.

No recoil hacks take away the recoil from guns and eliminate the need for the player to manually control the recoil, making them an extremely popular and (OP) cheat. Many people utilize basic universal no recoil macros or Apex Legends no recoil Logitech scripts.

You will not be banned from using this feature. Since no one that you kill can watch your aim no one will even notice! They will just think you’re a really good player with god tier aim.

Free Apex Legends Built in HWID Spoofer

This tool will automatically spoof your computers hardware ID’s upon injection. By doing this you can bypass any perma bans on your HWID. This does not unban an account but will let you play again if you were ever HWID banned using other cheats. This will also make it so if you rage cheat (meaning going into game killing everyone super obviously) and get HWID banned, it will not effect your main hardware but instead ban the spoofed HWID! In the case of that event all you have to do is spoof again and you can bypass the HWID ban!

Is There Any Safe Apex Legends Hacks?

One of the best games out there is Apex Legends. You are essentially indestructible in the game thanks to these Apex legends hacks, which is something you might desire in a Battle Royale game. Join SinisterModz today to gain access to the most recent and secure Apex Legends cheats and hacks, which will help you advance in the game.

Playing the Apex Legends game is challenging and incredibly competitive. Millions of players, the majority of whom have been playing these kinds of games for years, will be your opponents. This indicates that the field of play is relatively unlevel. With the use of SinisterModz Apex legends cheats, the odds are leveled and, in some cases, even in your advantage.

The Best & Most Popular Apex Hack

One of the most played shooters in the world is the free-to-play title that was published on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. In less than 8 hours following its introduction, Apex had more than 2.5 million players, and it currently has more than 50 million active users. We decided to give the hacking community the greatest Apex Legends cheats and hacks for 2023 after our developers played the game.

Target the adversary anywhere on the map by utilizing the aim-locking and radar hack tools. Your playing style will help you target the attacker more quickly via body language in ESP. You may always win as a user of our products thanks to our ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) in-game or normal mode. Users of Apex Legends can now avoid detection by using our hacks created by the top hackers in the business.

The aimbot is simple to use since, depending on how you set it up in the menu, it will either fire at the enemy’s head or a random bone. In our aimbot menu, precise positions can be set. Anti-cheat software is unable to detect other features we utilize. The best hacks in the world will level the playing field.

Our Apex Loader Keeps You Safe While Cheating

Utilize SinisterModz to hack Apex Legends and avoid getting banned. To ensure that the loader remains hidden from anti-cheat software, the coding team updates the hack and ESP. Our HWID Spoofer will allow you to re-enter the game if you were banned after using another hack from another source. All of our cheats come with a built-in HWID spoofer including our Warzone, Warzone 2.0, MW2 Aimbot, RDR2, Valorant, Rust, Destiny 2, Tarkov, CSGO, Overwatch 2, GTA V, RainbowSixSiege and MW2 Unlock All.

Please feel free to get assistance from our support team if you need it. If necessary, you can sign in to our forum and have a live chat with us there. We offer the best player assistance of any hacking website available right now. To keep our userbase from discovering our Apex Hacks, we post every day. The feature-rich bundles we offer can’t be matched by our rival cheat providers.

We don’t have features like infinite ammo, no reload, fast runs, quick heals, invisibility, teleport, spin bot, flying, ghost clients, or super jumps for a very crucial reason: if you use them, you’ll be banned nearly immediately. Other features like speed hacks, god modes, infinite health, one-shot kills, leaving the map, latency switches, and dupes are not supported and may also get you banned.

Glitches and Exploits in Apex Legends

A recent bug was found that allowed players to dash indefinitely. While certain movement exploits, like Caustic, forced you to select a specific Legend, this one permitted you to utilize any Apex Legend. As an illustration, players explained that you must have two weapons and their attachments in your inventory before you may hold one weapon while clambering up a ledge. Start dangling from the edge. Return to your inventory, take the attachment off of weapon 1, then put it back on. Switch the weapons in slots 1 and 2. After that, take stock and ascend the cliff. Finally, push and release the top button, which will enable you to accelerate for a brief period of time and chain together to cover much greater distances.

Since the game’s release more than a year ago, the developer has done a fantastic job. Hacks can be a problem for competitive shooters like Apex Legends, and this is a long-term concern. Hacking of Apex Legends will be a persistent problem that developers will have to contend with throughout the course of a game. Aimbots with spinbot, autofire, and one-hit kill, are a few examples of hacks. Remember that using these features will get you banned nearly immediately, so avoid doing so.

Respawn Entertainment is quite concerned about dealing with hacks, but the developer has other areas of focus. On Steam, Apex Legends is now available. The game reached an international audience of 70 million in October 2019 during Season 3. A game may experience more issues with users seeking to hack the more well-known it becomes. Our ESP and Aimbot are still perfectly safe to use, and our Apex Hack hasn’t been discovered yet. This indicates that altering the gameplay, introducing new features, and making other adjustments are also priorities for EA and Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Cheat Features: Top Rated

Over 50,000 individuals have used our Apex Legends hack goods overall as of right now. You probably already know that Apex is a very competitive game in which you are paired with players that have a lot of experience. How can one gain the advantage? Just have a look at the list of outstanding features for our best hacking products below. After releasing any significant updates, performance improvements, or repairs, we continuously stress-test our solutions to make sure they are prepared for us to use them in war. The lowest detection rates in the business are found in the following game-enhancing elements.


  • Instant Kill Apex Auto-aim
  • Auto-aim instantly
  • Movement Prediction
  • Frame Compensation
  • Aim Point
  • Auto Switch
  • Human Aim
  • Visibility Mode
  • Visibility Checks
  • Penetration Checks
  • Smart Target Selection
  • Max Distance
  • Aim Angles
  • Random Bone


  • Skeleton Wallhack
  • Health
  • Class
  • Names
  • Distance ESP
  • Visibility Check
  • Aimbot ESP
  • Item ESP
  • Bounding Boxes
  • Hide/Show Friendlies on ESP


  • Wallhack Unlock
  • 3D Radar
  • 2D Radar
  • No Recoil
  • No Sway
  • Undetected
  • Clean Screenshots
  • Clean Videos
  • Custom crosshair Keys
  • Profile System Engine
  • Save Setup

The aimbot we have for Apex Legends is one of our most sophisticated cheat setups. Would you like to improve your accuracy-based firing? Do you simply have bad aim when playing first-person shooter games? Are you sick of falling victim to early knockouts and losing combat rounds? Then don’t worry; all you have to do is push the fire command when our Apex aimbot has automatically locked onto your target. Get quick kills while also conserving your limited ammunition.

Make sure you only use the aimbot to target the adversary when the player bounding box is green; when it is red, the aimbot is unable to hit the opponent. You can customize a number of our aimbot’s characteristics in the options panel. Aimbot FOV/Radius, Instant Kill, Smoothing, Lock Delay, Hotbox or Bone Selection, Ignoring Knockouts, Visibility Check, Bullet Drop Prediction, Key Selection, and a Humanized Aim Option are a few of these.

You can always see where the enemy is in Apex Legends because to the ESP. With the use of our Apex cheats, boxes will be shown everywhere around each player. Each player’s name and box are listed beside them so you can keep track of who they are. Additionally, you’ll be able to view the adversary through objects, landscapes, and walls that are invisible to the naked eye.

To acquire a large edge over each player and dispatch your opponents quickly, use the wallhack and the adjustable ESP. You can always see where each player is thanks to The Wallhack. Our hacks kill targets with amusing consequences by combining ESP with a bunny hop during the aimbot. The SinisterModz aimbot ESP hacking software offers better detection rates and more functionality than any other Apex Hack.

Our item ESP can also speed up your looting by enabling you to locate useful in-game things that you are currently in need of. Additionally, you’ll be able to see exactly what your adversaries are wearing, which helps you play better and advance more quickly than your rivals.