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How to Intall

We've made our cheat very simple to use, it only takes 4 steps!
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    Download the launcher using the download button at the top of the page.

  • 2.

    Run & Inject

    Run the launcher that you download and select the menu you want and inject.

  • 3.

    Open Game

    Open your game and press INS to see the cheat and press the same button to close.

  • 4.

    Have Fun

    We hope you have fun cheating and remember to try out some of our other tools!


List of the main features in our cheat and how they work!

Our aimbot has many options so you can customize it for your playstyle. Some of those options are silent aim (you can not be aiming at someone for the bullet to hit them), advanced aim prediction so if someone is far or moving you will still hit them, FOV setting so you can choose how close you must aim at someone for the aimbot to lock on, and a strength setting to change how strong the aimbot it.

ESP aka wallhacks are very common in cheats. Our ESP is able to show a lot of things through walls such as players, names, distance, and heath. You can also change how far you want to be able to see people and items. There’s also an option to know when players are visible and able to be shot at which comes in handy when playing “legit”.

No recoil makes it so every weapon you use has zero recoil. This features can also be changed to make it look more legit.

Auto fire will shoot for you anytime you’re hovering over an enemy.

Install & Inject Video

In this video we go over how to inject our CS2 cheat, the process is the exact same for all games!

In Game Images

Here are some in game images showing off features such as wallhacks, & more!

User reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every cheat that we develop. Read some of our reviews from happy users.

The Best Free & Undetected Valorant Cheats

It makes no difference if you are a seasoned Valorous player or even your team’s top performer. With the use of an aimbot, even a novice (with access to Valorant hacks) may track you down from a great distance.

Therefore, all you have to do to increase your chances of winning, acquire some quick kills, or even receive building assistance is to utilize our Valorant cheats and hacks. All of our hacks were developed with your needs, comfort, and interests in mind.

The majority of free cheater fall short of the standards they promise. But I guarantee that ours do! Our crew, which consists of highly skilled cheat developers, would never fail to satisfy our users. For your personal safety, our cheats are updated extremely quickly after a new update, and if the cheat is detected, you won’t be able to inject it.

Our Valorant Aimbot Hack

An important aspect of the game is the sneaking. But when sneaking, gamers frequently overlook the danger of another player sneaking up on them. Use our extremely powerful Valorant aimbot hack to ensure that all approaching foes are killed.

Through its precise aiming, penetration, and crucial distance checks, Aimbot’s valiant hacking will grant you some instant kills. To maximize maximum damage, you can pick to focus on any part of a player model and place your shot there.

Aimbot has a ton of other features than rapid kills, including viewable target settings, auto-switch, auto-fire, and knife. Additionally, you can use the well-known technology to foresee enemy movements and undermine their plans.

Therefore, it is simple to understand why aimbot is one of the most popular technologies. It increases a player’s skill and ensures their safety. Our powerful hacks include a fantastic aimbot tool. Set up your supremacy in your preferred game.

Valorant ESP (Wallhack) and Radar Hack

Utilizing a wallhack might help you gain the upper hand on rivals while also saving time. Nowadays, it’s extremely typical for players to have their wallhack active. They can use this to search through solid objects to find valuables, weapons, teammates, and even adversaries.

Players don’t need to look through every house in sight to find someone or retrieve something thanks to this Valorant ESP. You would start the game at a disadvantage without having wallhack enabled given the popularity this technology has amassed over time.

This tool and the features it offers, such as weapons ESP, explosive ESP, player name ESP, player health ESP, player distance ESP, etc., are simply accessible in our Valorant hacks.

Valorant Removals, Warnings, and No-Recoil Cheats

What game do you think is perfect? If we have to hazard a guess, it probably has to do with getting rid of game-distracting aspects. Fortunately, our Valorant cheats offer the ideal answer for you.

With the use of our hacks, you may get rid of the game’s smoke, fog, spread, and recoil to have a smoother playing experience that makes it simple to locate and eliminate your targets.

In addition, our Valorant hacks include a warning feature that, when used, notifies you if an opponent is targeting you or is getting close to where you are.

Having the ability to eliminate distracting items and getting notifications about opponents preparing an attack on you… It appears to be the ideal game for us! How are you doing?

Undetected Valorant Hacks

Valuable hacks unquestionably improve a player’s performance in a current combat. However, utilizing hackers is a touchy subject in the Valorant gaming community, and anyone detected doing so runs the danger of getting a permanent ban.

Because of this, we make sure that all of our Valorant hacks are absolutely safe to utilize while active.

Our cheat also comes with a built in HWID Spoofer. This will make you completely invincible to HWID bans and if you were HWID banned in the past you can get around that. HWID Spoofers are one of the most important tools to have while cheating in online video games such as Valorant. All of our cheats come with a built-in HWID spoofer including our Warzone, Warzone 2.0, Apex Legends, RainbowSixSiege, Tarkov, Rust, Destiny 2, RDR2, CSGO, Overwatch 2, GTA V, MW2 Aimbot and MW2 Unlock All.

Valorant’s line of defense

Valorant offers integrated fog-of-war technologies that try to get around data frequently used by hackers with the express purpose of activating wallhacks in order to safeguard its players and guarantee a fair game. The system includes an image-rendering engine to prevent players from simultaneously seeing numerous locations.

Riot also developed the Vanguard system to improve the fog-of-war system. The anti-fraud team appeared assured that their strategy was impenetrable precisely because of this new anti-fraud mechanism. Any activity disparities will be detected by the Vanguard tool or system, which will then instantly boot out the player.

As a result, courageous cheaters can now be outlawed. Despite the game’s theoretical ability to resist wallhacks, this technically means that Valorant is still vulnerable to hacks. Fortunately, it also means that anyone who commits a Valorant wallhack can be expelled right away. Additionally, Riot Games already had an anti-fraud team in place at the time of its launch in anticipation of all these problems. The crew has been eager to interact with players on a variety of platforms, including twitter and the in-game report feature (which is the best way to get in touch with them).

About Our Valorant Hacks

The SinisterModz Valorant cheat platform contains several key features that you’d expect from a top-of-the-line cheating platform. These features include:

  • Valorant Wallhack (Snap-Line ESP)
  • Valorant Radar (Enemy Names)
  • Valorant Aimbot
  • And So Much More!

The best thing is that there have been no reported bans since the debut of our Valorant cheat! Our platform is now the only secret private Valorant cheat available on the market. Therefore, if you want to completely dominate your opponents in every match while keeping your account safe and secure, our Valorant hacks are your best option. When you purchase our Valorant hack, you may anticipate the following from us:

  • Dedicated 24/7 support from our professional team of hacking experts.
  • A wealth of set-up instructions.
  • Continuous updates and development to improve and further secure the Valorant cheats we provide from detection.

Due to our remarkable ability to create high-performance undetected cheats for the majority of the popular competitive games online, we have established a strong reputation over the past few years. The security of our clients’ accounts comes first for us at all times. Therefore, our cheats are your best bet if you’re seeking for Valorant hacks that won’t get you banned after a few games!

What Features Do Our Valorant Cheats Contain?

Having a competitive edge over your opponents may make playing Valorant extremely entertaining, help you rank up rapidly, and even make you stand out as a star among your friends—whether you’re an experienced Valorant player or a total newbie.

Because of this, we made sure that using our Valorant cheats and hacks was really simple. They’ll enable you to appear and perform like an expert while being safe enough to avoid being detected or subjecting you to a post-game penalty.

On the other hand, at SinisterModz, we make enormous investments to guarantee the excellence and security of the cheats we create and provide. We go to great lengths to make sure that not only are our hacks highly efficient, but also that you will be able to use them for a very long time without being detected by the anti-cheat system.

High-Performance Valorant Aimbot (Humanized):

Let’s face it, not everyone is an expert at controlling recoil and aiming precisely. And our Valorant aimbot was specifically designed to address that issue!

Thanks to its highly-customizable collection of parameters, the aimbot may be tailored to fit your playstyle, enabling you to make accurate shots without being concerned about all of Valorant’s mechanics. The following are some of the most important settings you can change:

  • Aimbot accuracy – Our aimbot features the best variable accuracy algorithm out there.
  • Aimkey – You can use this to configure the key that will activate the aimbot.
  • Smoothing & FOV Slider – You can change the FOV and smoothness of the movement to further humanize the aimbot.
  • Visibility-check – The aimbot will only shoot enemies that aren’t behind a wall or another structure that breaks the line of sight when turned on.
  • Bone selection – Choose the bones that you want the aimbot to aim your shots towards.
  • Recoil control – Forget about having to manually control your recoil ever again.

In addition to penetration, aim smoothing, and distance-damage computation, our hyper-optimized Valorant aimbot has a humanized component that enables you to strike every shot you take without having it repeatedly lock to the same bone. In addition, to assist you stay one step ahead of your opponent and secure every kill without getting caught, we’ve created a patented movement prediction algorithm for our Valorant aimbot.

Valorant Wallhack & Snap-Line ESP

If you have little to no idea what your opponents are doing at any given moment in the round, it will be difficult for you to defeat them in a Valorous encounter. Even with a fantastic aimbot or trigger bot setup, it’s difficult to outperform a sound plan only through mechanical prowess.

This is handled with our persuasive Valorant wallhack, which allows you to view your opponents through barriers like walls and objects. Even if you aren’t employing another trick like an aimbot, using a Valorant ESP in your battles allows you to quickly create a significant competitive advantage. Some of the main components of our Valorous wallhack are listed below:

  • Smooth snap-line ESP.
  • Enemy health bars.
  • Enemy names.
  • Enemy distance.
  • Skeleton mesh-tracing.
  • Zero performance-drops.

Our cheat has very powerful features to kill anyone that comes in your way. One thing we can promise is that you will never lose a game when using our cheat! We can also promise you will not get banned as our experienced team of devs work very hard on keeping the free valorant cheat updated!

Valorant Hacks – Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know everything there is to know about our Valorant cheating system, let’s discuss some of the pressing concerns that the majority of people have when searching for reliable and efficient undetected Valorant cheats.

Are These Valorant Cheats Undetected?

The short answer is – yes! We’ve effectively found several ways to bypass Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat. This allows us to safely incorporate the cheats into your gaming experience.

However, we’ve also included a myriad of highly configurable settings for each feature like the aimbot and wallhack in order to help you humanize the hacks even further and prevent you from being banned via a player-report or spectator review.

At SinisterModz, we put a lot of time and effort into finding new ways to defeat anti-cheat systems. To ensure that our hacks are undetected for hundreds of hours at a time, we frequently spend a lot of time testing new features in a restricted beta environment and regularly running fresh accounts through Valorant before publishing updates.

Do These Valorant Hacks Have Legit & Rage Settings?

Yes, certainly! Our hacks provide you access to a variety of parameters that you can completely tailor to your preferences. Our goal is to provide you the ability to more fully personalize the aimbot smoothness, bones, FOV, and other aspects of the Valorant cheat. You can, however, turn them all the way up and dispatch your opponents when you’re in a rage.

Remember that even though our trick is undiscovered by the Valorant anti-cheat, it is still possible to get banned for using fury settings via a player report or spectator review. Rage settings are enjoyable to play around with.

As a result, we advise that you adhere to our instructions and configure your hacks as humanely as possible.

What Protection Features Do These Hacks Use?

To protect your account, progress, skins, and reputation as a player from a potential anti-cheat detection ban, we concentrate on three major areas of protection for our hacks. The following types of bans are avoidable with our hacks:

  • Riot Vanguard algorithmic hacks detection.
  • Video proof review & reports.
  • Spectator review & reports.

All in all, we work tirelessly to implement new features and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to making our hacks the safest our there, as well as the best in terms of performance.