Luna - Fortnite

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How to Intall

We've made our cheat very simple to use, it only takes 4 steps!
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    Download the launcher using the download button at the top of the page.

  • 2.

    Run & Inject

    Run the launcher that you download and select the menu you want and inject.

  • 3.

    Open Game

    Open your game and press INS to see the cheat and press the same button to close.

  • 4.

    Have Fun

    We hope you have fun cheating and remember to try out some of our other tools!


List of the main features in our cheat and how they work!

Our aimbot has many options so you can customize it for your playstyle. Some of those options are silent aim (you can not be aiming at someone for the bullet to hit them), advanced aim prediction so if someone is far or moving you will still hit them, FOV setting so you can choose how close you must aim at someone for the aimbot to lock on, and a strength setting to change how strong the aimbot it.

ESP aka wallhacks are very common in cheats. Our ESP is able to show a lot of things through walls such as players, npcs, names, distance, and heath. You can also change how far you want to be able to see people and items. There’s also an option to know when players are visible and able to be shot at which comes in handy when playing “legit”.

No recoil makes it so every weapon you use has zero recoil. This features can also be changed to make it look more legit.

Auto fire will shoot for you anytime you’re hovering over an enemy.

It would take to long to list every feature of this cheat. Just give our cheat a shot, we promise you won’t regret it!

Install & Inject Video

In this video we go over how to inject our CS2 cheat, the process is the exact same for all games!

In Game Images

Here are some in game images showing off features such as wallhacks, & more!

User reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every cheat that we develop. Read some of our reviews from happy users.

The BEST FREE Fortnite Cheat w/ Aimbot & ESP

In the changing world of internet games, people who play them often look for new ways to win. SinisterModz, an experienced cheater in the world of cheats and hacks, has made a name for itself by becoming really good at finding ways to get around anticheat systems. The best thing in their tools is the Luna hack for Fortnite. It’s free and you can get it without being caught!

SinisterModz has been in the cheating world for many years. They have worked hard to make a cheat that can’t be seen by watchful anti-cheat systems like EAC. Luna, the best kind of their skill, has many things that improve how you play games. It raises it to new heights never seen before. In these features, the aimbot and ESP ( Extra Sensory Perception ) are very important. They give players tools that go beyond the normal gameplay rules.

The secret charm of Luna is in its power to give a smooth gaming experience without worrying about negative consequences. The aimbot, a thing that makes your shooting better without you doing anything, gives very high accuracy. It turns even new players into strong opponents in the fight arena. With ESP, which lets you see through walls and other things, Luna gives a special ability. This makes the gaming feel much better than before. It moves it to a whole new level.

Silent aim is another good game from Luna’s collection. It lets players quietly and skillfully defeat enemies. A cheater can get rid of other players subtly by changing the way bullets go, without anyone knowing their new cheat. It’s a shadow dance, where Luna users become secret builders of their win.

But what makes SinisterModz’s free Fortnite hack really interesting isn’t just its cool features. It can also work with serious competitive games. In the tough online games world where every move is looked at, Luna is a dependable friend you can count on. The fear of getting caught or found out in big games disappears into the digital world. This lets players concentrate just on playing the game itself.

Looking ahead to the future of games on the internet, 2024 is a turning point. SinisterModz says their free cheat lets players get real rewards and use Luna’s power in a new time. Tournaments don’t just test skill, they also display the close connection between the player and their video partner.

The idea that SinisterModz’s hack can be used in competitions without getting into trouble starts a big discussion among gamers. Some think that these tools make competitions unfair because they give some people an edge, which ruins the true nature of skill tests in games. However, supporters of these shortcuts say they make things fair. They let players with different abilities play on the same level.

In the big picture of internet games, cheats like Luna make us ask about what competition really is. Are we seeing a new way of thinking change? It seems like skill and technology are mixing together to make rules about what’s fair different. Does the use of these cheats put at risk the careful balance that makes competitive gaming a real check of skill?

SinisterModz’s free Fortnite cheat definitely asks big questions that make players and people who play games wonder about what is right or wrong with using such tools. The argument keeps going, but one thing is sure – the computer games on the internet are always changing. Each new technology makes more things possible.

Luna also has a free built in HWID Spoofer. This lets anyone use our free Fortnite cheats even if they were hardware banned before. Use our cheat to easily avoid your hardware bans. Our spoofer will also let you join tournament matches again. You can also get the separate cheats if you want to play fortnite fair. We also have spoofers and cheats for many other games like warzone, apex legends, gta v, rdr2 and more!

In the end, SinisterModz’s Luna shows how gaming cheats always change. The complicated fight between anticheat systems and cheat makers keeps going. This makes new tools that can’t be found but also change how competition works in games. If a person thinks of Luna as a big change or as something that endangers fair game is based on personal opinion. This is something each player must decide for themself. In 2024, while we explore the unknown areas of playing games online with SinisterModz’s cheat, there is a temptation to make players wonder not only about their enemies but also what these games really are.